What to binge watch during the summer

Lavinia Huang

Now that seniors are done with highschool and classes are coming to an end, there is time to finish catching up on shows or start new ones. Some shows that are trending now include 13 Reasons Why, a series centered around the suicide of a teenager who enters a new school and encounters a lot in her short time there, Riverdale, a show loosely based on the Archie comic series, yet similar to 13RW in that it takes place on a high school campus. Dear White People, a show about a cast of African-American college students navigating a predominantly white Ivy League campus and world at-large, has also received positive feedback. Stranger Things has also received plenty of buzz with a lot of favorable reviews. Out of all the more recent and “hip” shows, Black Mirror may be the best. A show that focuses on the trials and tribulations of dealing with technology, it has really struck a chord among the younger audience.

“Black Mirror has to be one of the craziest shows out there. It really shows what technology can do to us in ways we could never imagine,” remarked Tiffany Gradzki ‘18.

Many of the newer shows like Black Mirror are available on Netflix or Hulu so any time you’re craving a binge-watch session, you can catch entire seasons on the aforementioned streaming services. If you are looking for shows that have gone on for what seems like forever, but you never got around to starting them, you should look into Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Criminal Minds, Law and Order: SVU, Game of Thrones, The Office, Dexter, The 100 and so much more. Some classics that almost everyone has watched are shows like Gossip Girl, Orange is the New Black, and The Office. If you are into action and adventure, I definitely recommend Nikita, Agents of SHIELD, The Flash, and Quantico.

“The Flash is one of my favorite shows. It’s one of those shows that you can’t wait to come back to even after watching a whole season in one night. I be watching it during class, at lunch, while I’m supposed to be doing my homework, literally all the time,” said Nyla David ‘19.

As the dust settles on this school year, we will all look back on our time at school fondly, but now that summer is here, it’s time to say goodbye to the textbooks and hello to our tablets. Happy binge-watching this summer!