Lavinia Huang

Movie Review: Breaking In

If there was ever a movie that was hyped up and didn’t deliver, this would be it. Breaking In was like any other forced entry robbery film. Full of cliches and expected outcomes, director James McTeigue brought nothing new or creative to the mix. Audience were excited to see a black mother empowered as the lead character, especially since the movie came out on Mother’s Day, but that aspect alone couldn’t make up for the subpar screenplay and the dry acting from the antagonist of the film. Gabrielle Union is the reason why people went to see Breaking In. Although Union stands out way more in her other shows and movies, her character’s strength and determination is nicely executed.

“I was actually pumped to see this movie when the trailers came out but honestly I was disappointed to say the least. Gabrielle Union is still my girl though,” said Sarah Williams ‘18.

After the murder of her wealthy father, Shaun Russell (Gabrielle Union) takes her two kids, Jasmine (Ajiona Alexus) and Glover (Seth Banee Carr), to settle the large, secluded home that she inherited. Unbeknownst to the family, four criminals had got to there before them with plans to steal 4 million dollars locked away in a safe. Soon Jasmine and Glover are taken hostage and held for ransom for the location and combination of the safe inside the house. Shaun has to figure out a way to save her children while defending herself against the criminals.

“I liked how Gabrielle Union’s character was a badass but I just wasn’t on the edge of my seat with the plot like I could predict what was gonna happen. It was kind of a waste of my time but I know some people who liked it,” said Jake Kosakowski ‘18.

Overall there are negative reviews for Breaking In, nonetheless, there are some that would highly recommend seeing it.

“Ten out of ten. I loved it. Everyone should see it,” remarked Brooklyn Irvin ‘18.

If you think you could possibly be one of those people, Breaking In is still in theaters for a limited time.

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