Whitney Young Sports

Justin Boyd

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Whitney Young sports has been running around the city making history for so many years. You got the State Champions and City Champions that have left their footsteps for the next generations to come and take on the legacy of Whitney Young sports.

Whitney Young sports are the blue bloods of the city of Chicago. They go up against school like, Simeon, Kenwood, and Morgan Park, who in their history have left a lot of big impacts around the city. Being a student athlete here at Whitney Young will take on a lot of work but if you are up to the task then go be the great student athlete like everyone that came before you! The goal about being a student athlete is winning so many championships as you can and the more you win then the bigger the legacy will be left here at the school.

I asked Jake Kosakowski ‘18 about how has being a student athlete been for him here at Whitney Young for the time he has been here. “Being a student athlete can be very tough but at the same time it can open so many doors for anyone in terms of going to the next step which is college. Everyone has their own route to doing things but whatever floats their boat then I’m good with that.”
Being a Whitney Young student athlete is worth it! I advise all of you people who read this article to do a sport here and be great in it! I wish you all the best! 

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