Come to the AAC Show

Calyn O'Banion, Editor

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Have you ever wondered what club always practices in Blue House everyday after school? Well, it is none other than Asian American Club! AAC has been practicing religiously everyday since the beginning of the school year to perfect their various performances for their annual spring show. Some of these various acts include: Indian, Hula, Girl’s Modern, Boy’s Modern, Wei Cai, and many more traditional Chinese dances. Kristy Liu ‘18, the President of the Asian American Club, shared “AAC started practicing at the very beginning of the school year. All of our members are very dedicated and have worked very hard for this show. The beauty about Asian American Club is that anyone in the school can join, regardless of the race, gender, or skill set.”

Hopefully after reading this article, some of you will be motivated to join the club next year! Kaelan To ‘18, a six year member of Asian American Club, said “Asian American Club is not only a school organization, it feels like home. You make some of the best friendships with people you never expected to talk to. AAC is definitely a place where you can find yourself and freely express who you are.” I’m sure many people in AAC can agree with Kaelan on this.So, now that you know what the Asian American Club is, I hope you make it to their show on May 25 and I hope you consider joining next year!

AAC (Asian American Club)

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