A Quiet Place: Movie Review


Isaiah Holmes

“A Quiet Place” focuses on a family of a mother, father, and 3 children that try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world taken over by larger-than-life creatures. The tension packed film calls for the audience to be active participants. Typically, most people are not frightened by scenes in horror films because the music and camera shots lead to the part that is supposed to make you jump out of your seat, but since the majority of this movie was in silence, the parts where the people were getting dragged and eaten by the creatures were very thrilling and shocking. Since the movie relies on a great deal of silence, it highlights the concept of visual storytelling. Senior and avid horror film watcher, Emeka Anosike ‘18, said, “‘A Quiet Place’ had a lot of details that were up for the audience’s interpretation but the plot was portrayed clearly and almost everyone walked away with the same message.”


After seeing the movie, you realize that the world we live in is filled with noise and if it was taken away, it would be very difficult to imagine. It is normal for everyone to use sounds to express themselves. Many wonderful horror films focus on people who have to adapt to survive and have to test their own insecurities to make it through the night or the duration of the film. Senior, Ella McCarthy ‘18, said, “‘A Quiet Place’ takes your nerves on a thrilling ride, but it does so in a way that feels rewarding.” She’s right. You don’t just walk out having experienced a thrill ride, you walk out on a high, the kind of high that only comes from the best horror movies.