The Top 3 Pitbull Songs I’ve heard at least 50 times

Enrique Eguiguren, Biggity Boi

(Photo Creds to Twitter)


Crossfit is a great class to take, if you can. It’s taught by Coach Hinrichs, who is a great and kind man. As part of Crossfit, you will do a variety of exercises and workout “challenges” which will feel like torture but are pretty fun actually.

An integral part of the Crossfit experience is music, which is normally pretty fast-paced and hard hitting, there’s a lot of dance, rock, pop, and hip-hop in the playlist. And although there are a lot of playlists, in hundreds of days of workouts, you will inevitably start hearing some of the same songs again.

One artist’s songs spoke to me. He goes by many names. Pitbull. Mr. 305. Mr. Worldwide. And his music has touched many. So here are the top three Pitbull songs I’ve heard at least 50 times in Crossfit.


  1. The third best Pitbull song is one of the most memed, if not the most. Who among us doesn’t feel a great joy when he says those iconic lyrics “Those Biggity Boys are Diggity Dogs (Timber!).” When I hear Timber, and it’s weird cowboy-beat that does not make any sense, I know there is hope in this world.


  1. “International Love” is a guilty pleasure song, even though it’s not even that good as one of those. Part of me doesn’t like the fact that Chris Brown is on it though. Some people think you shouldn’t think of Chris Brown as domestic abuser, and I agree, because he’s so many other terrible things as well. However, this song reminds me of being a young boy, sitting in a car in the Wendy’s drive through, being moderately entertained by the song. I imagine I was happy then.


  1. Picture this. You’re halfway through a workout, and you’re already dying. You don’t think you can make it. But then you “It’s Mr. 305 checkin in for the remix” and you are rejuvenated. You feel like you can do anything. Because “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)” is a great song. It’s a spiritual song. And it’s the best Pitbull song.


Although it will end soon, Crossfit has been fun, and Pitbull has made it great. As Maria Delatore ‘18 says “Enrique, I’m not gonna talk to you about Pitbull.”