Bobby Tarantino II

April 26, 2018

“Bobby Tarantino II is the seventh mixtape by American rapper and musician Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, otherwise known as Logic. It was released on March 9, 2018, through Def Jam Recordings and Visionary Music Group. (Wikipedia)”


Bobby Tarantino II is the Logic’s second album to release with the name Bobby Tarantino. While Bobby Tarantino I has 11 songs for a total duration of 32 minutes, Bobby Tarantino II has 13 songs for a total duration of 43 minutes, and released about a year and eight months after the release of the first album Bobby Tarantino I. The first album was released in July 1st, 2016, while the second album was released in March 9th, 2018.


The shortest song “Grandpa’s Space Ship” isn’t really a song because it doesn’t consist of any music, but it is the introduction for the album. It is two minutes and two seconds long, and as of Monday April 23rd, 2018, it has been played 8,421,456 times on Spotify. Pitchfork contributor Evan Rytlewski writes “on the mixtape’s opening sketch, Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty make a distinction between “Mixtape Logic” and “Album Logic,” while poking some light fun at the rapper’s more sanctimonious tendencies.”


The longest song “Indica Badu,” features rap artist Wiz Khalifa, is four minutes and twenty seconds long, and has been played 18,877,337 times on Spotify. The most played song in the album “Everybody,” featuring Marshmello, has been played 82,967,909 times on Spotify.


Senior Jacob Ayriss ‘18 says “So fire. It’s definitely really hard to pick a favorite because they’re all so good.” I’d love to hear your thoughts about Logic’s new album down below in the comments section!

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