Whats to come for The Bulls

Edras Montero

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The Bulls will be wrapping up their forgettable season this year against the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday the 11th. Every chicagoan knew this would be a rebuilding season but no one expected them not making the playoffs in the very weak eastern conference. But nonetheless the Bulls did acquire some young promising talent at the very beginning of the year and we were able to see them shine. Dunn, Lavine and Markkanen have really showed glimpses of athleticism and shown to be great scorers and facilitators. The Bulls were also shunned this season for “ tanking “ their season in order to acquire a lottery pick but no actions were taken. The Bulls will finish well under .500 this season and will be very excited to draft some young talent in the upcoming draft to partner with Markkanen. The Possibilities are endless on who they will draft this upcoming year but with a strong class coming in it will be exciting. “ The Bulls are in need of a slashing point guard who can take it to the rim while Markkanen stretches the floor, that would be my guess on the type of player that will be drafted”, says Manuel Caracamo ‘18 .Although this season wasn’t the greatest season for the Bulls it was a long time coming and was one that was needed in order to get back to being the successful team in the east they once were. “ I just want to beat LeBron “, says Zack Cho ‘18. Im pretty sure every other Chicagoan feels the same way. In the next 3 years i wouldn’t doubt the Bulls controlling the east how they should be.

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