Boys soccer on road to game at MLS stadium


Andrea Gomes

The boys soccer team practices in Skinner Park.

Andrea Gomes, Arts and Trends Editor

WY Boys Varsity soccer team will be playing against Shurz High School, potentially at Toyota Park, a professional soccer field. The major league soccer (MLS) Chicago men’s team, the Chicago Fire, have started to give teams in their area opportunities to play in their stadium.

“The deal is, we have to sell 250 tickets in order to play inside the actual stadium. If we can’t, we’re going to have to settle for the turf outside,” says Ian McCarthy, the Boys’ Varsity soccer coach.

This was the first time the varsity team was reached out to by the Fire, mainly because the team consists of solid players. Before the WY versus Shurz game, the Fire will be playing their own game at 4:30 against Montreal.

It has the possible outcome to be the first of many invitations, with a high turnout at the voluntary summer training camp and a tryout attendance of over 80 players competing for 60 spots on the roster for all three teams; Frosh-Soph, JV, and Varsity.

McCarthy, along with many others, agrees that there should be a number of fans at the game, cheering on their soccer team.

“They’ve been working hard. Anytime any team is playing at a game this big, you should show support. I’m very proud that we were invited,” McCarthy explains.

The Chicago Fire has been playing for about 15 years so not many people have been able to go to one of their games. It’s an experience to be able to see a professional soccer game. This game is $20 per person and includes the WY vs. Shurz face-off right afterwards.

Along with all of the varsity players being able to play during this upcoming game, there are two spots on the roster for the JV or Frosh-Soph players who sell the most tickets.

Anytime any team is playing at a game this big, you should show support.”

— Ian McCarthy, coach

However, if the team isn’t able to sell all 250 tickets, it might not be their only chance to play at Toyota Park. If they’re able to go far in the Pepsi Showdown tournament, they will be able to play in that stadium against their opponent at the championship.

The WY Girls varsity soccer team has the same Pepsi Showdown opportunity, they have been rumored to have the same chance of being able to play at Toyota Park as well, this upcoming Spring 2015 season.