Interview with 3rd floor Dean Felicia Clotworthy

Andrea Gomes

1. What position were you before? 

I was Student Activities Director, Social Science instructor, and Senior Experience Program Director, Senior Class Adviser and Academic Planning Guide Editor

2. What position are you now? 

I am now Dean of Students on the third floor, still maintaining the aforementioned duties and teaching Urban Studies (the fashion-related social science class)

3. Which position do you like better so far and why? 

Actually I like everything I do because I am able to continue my service to students, faculty, staff and parents.

4. Why did you want to be moved up? 

This move was initiated and supported by our principal, Dr. Kenner, of which I accepted, when she made shifts in executive leadership positions by moving Mr. Swanson from his role as Assistant Principal of the Academic Center to Assistant Principal over the entire school and moved Ms. Zalon from her role as Dean of students to the Assistant Principal of the Academic Center . I felt it an honor for her to consider me for this position and providing opportunity to be of service to our school in this capacity.

5. How do you think this change will affect the WY students/ school as a whole? 

Obviously in a positive direction, in that I am filling the shoes of Ms. Zalon (the AP over the Academic Center), of whom students, faculty/staff and parents highly respect.

6. What are you planning to do with/as your new position? 

I do not plan on making drastic changes to an already efficient program, but rather maintain what has been consistently successful so that Whitney Young as a whole continues to move in a successful and competitive direction.

7. What have you done all summer to prepare yourself for this position? 

Besides moving from one office to another, receiving excellent on-the-job training and support from Ms. Zalon, Mr. Fanning and all members of the Leadership Team.

8. Do you feel prepared? 

I truly do, because this is not a role that I am on a lone island, but as a part of a collaborative team. The work involved, as I had been warned, is intense and requires an individual who can wear many hats, is detail-oriented, efficient at multi-tasking, understanding, consistent and fair.

9. What is your favorite thing about this position? 

So far, the views on the Third Floor! I love all the natural light, which I know will keep me energized throughout the day as I attempt to complete the tasks that need to be complete just in one work day, but have little time to do so.

10. What did you do this summer/ How was your summer? 

My summer was busy, yet enjoyable entertaining both my 2 year old son, stepchildren, who visited us from England, and my husband. Half of the summer was a stay-cation, while the other half was the “real vacation” in Dallas visiting family and friends.