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“How to balance the stressful life of a Dolphin”

Calyn O'Banion, Editor

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As you can see in the picture above, stress is something that burdens everyone in the halls of Whitney Young. No matter your grade level, you likely get overwhelmed at some points in the school year. Some main stressors are the heavy workload placed on Whitney Young students. Myles Baker ‘19, a member of the Boys’ Varsity Basketball Team, relates “Sometimes I have so much homework at night, that I don’t even sleep.” Many other students can empathize with Myles on this matter, because we have all felt the pressure of having multiple assignments.


While loads of homework can weigh students down, extracurricular activities only add to the general feeling of stress and anxiety. Zachary Gist ‘21, a Junior Varsity Basketball player, asked “How on earth can I get all my work done, and still have time for my activities?” Well Lauren Redman ‘18, a six year member of the Whitney Young Dance Program, has agreed to share some tips with you. She says, “In order to be able to have a balanced life, you will have to make small sacrifices everyday. Some days you won’t be able to go out to lunch because you will have an AP Economics assignment to finish. Other days you won’t be able to get your morning coffee because you can’t be late to early morning sports practices. You have to stay organized and find a schedule that works for you, while still reserving time to care for yourself.” Lauren couldn’t have said it better! While being a Dolphin is a weighty responsibility, we can all handle it if we stay organized, rested, and set realistic goals for ourselves.

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“How to balance the stressful life of a Dolphin”