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DubTV Competition

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For the past two weeks, 3rd period and 4th period DubTV had a competition on who could create the best show. 3rd period’s argument was that 4th period couldn’t create their own segments. 4th period’s argument was that they could do our segments better than 3rd period. In some cases, both periods proved their arguments. The 3rd period class had some of their known hits in “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Secrets of the Young”. However, their show introduced some new shows like “JackClass” and “Chair Olympics”. The 4th period class had some old hits like “Bunch of Donuts” and “Tasty Terik”. However, it introduced a new, possibly, hit show in “Frenemies”. The competition might have sparked some controversy between the classes, as there was a lot of arguing amongst classes and also down talking one another in their shows. Brooke Gist ‘18 said, “Vote for the best period, 3rd period” and Regine Lusane ‘18 said, “Y’all aren’t ready to see what 4th period has in store”. Although, the competition results aren’t in yet, there was some new creativity introduced that we hadn’t yet seen before and is very interesting to see for the rest of the year. For example, the introduction to both shows were wonderful. The passing of the hats and the mics were stand out intros that we haven’t yet seen all year. There is also the idea that the new shows introduced in these two episodes can all be hits, and the school is excited to see them. However, the most creative part of both shows was the sports introduction for 3rd period, brought to you by Chris Nguyen. Everyone loved it and even Mrs. Pierce, calculus teacher, said “I absolutely loved the sports introduction”. There is a lot left to come from both classes. However, the biggest question that looms is… “Will the classes squash their beef and come together to create some of the best shows DubTV has ever seen?” The potential is there, but we will find out if the two classes have what it takes to reach legendary status.

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DubTV Competition