Grading scale changes after long debate

The grading scale has been a controversial issue among students, parents, and faculty since its introduction.  Most CPS schools have a ten point grading scale in which  90 to a 100 is an A and an 80 to a 90 is a B and so forth. However, WY operated under a 7 point grading scale. For many years, WY students and parents argued for a grading scale change during breakfasts with the principal, local school council meetings, and parent meetings.

Due to students, parents, and some teachers’ strong convictions, the administration conducted a  vote among the faculty and leadership team.

“Not all of the constituents wanted the grading scale change, but the majority did which is why it has been changed,” said assistant principal Matt Swanson.

“Before the vote, we had meetings among the faculty and leadership team and talked about the benefits and downsides of both. We then decided that a vote would be the best to settle this once and for all.”

Do you think the grading scale should have been changed?

  • Yes (79%, 81 Votes)
  • No (21%, 21 Votes)

Total Voters: 102

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Many students were ecstatic when they found out the grading scale was changed but Swanson believes that the change will not have a huge impact.

“Teachers will adjust so I predict that the grading distribution will be almost the same.”

Once first semester is over, the results of the grading scale change will be given in terms of grade distribution, but for now, some WY students rejoice!

“I’m glad the switch was finally made, as it reduces a bit of the stress revolved around grades and GPAs,” said Gabe Caniglia ’15. “On the other hand, it may just lead to grade inflation and have no concrete benefits.”