Flip the Dolphin Tryouts

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The scene at the annual “Flip the Dolphin” tryouts this year was anything but normal. Usually the handful of people who show up get to split the position regardless of what they do during their 30 second to 1 minute tryout routine. There are very few guidelines and it is up the the performer to figure out how to captivate the judges.

Most people simply put on the mask, wave, and maybe do a few dance moves. However, this year senior Patryk, ‘18 approached the competition in a different way. As soon as he walked in with members of the WY Band that he brought himself, it was clear to the judges that they were in for something new. When they asked who wanted to go first, Patryk shot to the front. One could tell by the look on his face that he was ready. He threw on the mask, got into position, and waited for the signal to start.

When that signal finally came, it began. The band members stood up from their seats in the audience, instruments in hand. With another signal from Patryk, they began to play the WY Fight Song. Patryk sprang into action, beginning to dance. To the average viewer, it looked like he truly embraced the spirit of the dolphin with his elegant dance moves. The audience was in complete awe. They had never seen anything like it.

After a few finishing moves the performance was complete. Everyone began to cheer. It was clear to everyone in the room that they had found their Flip the Dolphin.

When the verdict finally came, unfortunately the student council members did not choose Patryk as one of the five chosen students. When asked for a comment, Patryk simply replied, “it’s rigged”. Despite the claim of Patryk, Student Council Member Kayleigh Peng ‘17 stated, “we choose who we thought would be best of the job.” Regardless of the outcome, those who watched the tryout saw an unforgettable performance.

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Flip the Dolphin Tryouts