A Swift Reputation


Eva Rinaldi


At  this time in Taylor Swift’s career we have seen a major attitude change in the way she approaches her music.  Her new album titled “Reputation” was recently released and showed a new side of Swift that has never been heard in her music.  In four days the album has reached the top of charts.  Among fans and critics the question of Swift’s current reputation has caused a stir.  Erin Lohmam ‘20 stated the album was “refreshing and one of her most put together albums.”  As assumed, Swift’s fandom has supported throughout every phase in her music including this new edgy album.  Many songs within the album are said to relate back to Kimye drama.  Swift has reportedly “dissed” Kanye referring back to 2009 where he interrupted her acceptance speech and referred to her in a derogatory way in his song “Famous”.  Kanye fans and non Swifties have taken a negative attitude towards the album.  J’Shawn Taylor ‘20 said “this act is old and she’s always playing the victim and never has a positive message.  She brings others down for her fame to rise.”  It’s clear to see that Swift has a strong support system and despite being criticized has kept her reputation in tact to still reach the top.