What To Expect From the Winter Guitar Show


Dearborn Plys, Editor

It’s January so that means that it’s time for the guitar program’s winter concert! As usual all classes from beginner to advanced performance will be showing off their skills.

In class you can feel the student’s excitement bubbling up as Mr. Peek, the guitar teacher, becomes proportionally more stressed. Advanced performance guitar player Emiliano Kresser ‘19 says, “It’s gonna be a great concert, you’ll finally be able to see me on stage this time!” (Emiliano is bad at choosing spots and so he’s always so far on the side he’s not in any of the videos.)

Even beginners from Mr. Mascari’s eighth period class, a time when all productivity is doomed to never see the light of day, are feeling the excitement in the air. Piper MacDonald ‘19, singer and guitarist, says “I might throw up on stage, but it’ll be worth it.”

I wanted to ask Mr Peek about his outlook on the concert but I just found him in his office, staring blankly into the distance as he listened to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”, comparing the original to his students with complete utter disappointment.

So, come out and support the Whitney Young Guitar Program this Wednesday in the theater. Tickets are 8$ in the school store, on sale now. It’s gonna be a great show, I hope to see you there.