What’s going on with Girls Bowling?!

Celeste Mora

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    The Whitney Young Girls Bowling Team is midway through their season and they have been killing it! Serenity Tsopang(‘19) has been on the Bowling Team for 2 years now and she is very excited about this year’s season, “Fundamentally, our team is the best it has ever been. The team is made of mostly all seniors who score an average of 120 per game. If we can keep this going, I have a feeling we can place higher at regionals than we did last year!” The girls placed 4th at Regionals last year which was a great milestone seeing as the team was full of newbies. This year the mind set is different; seeing as everybody has their form down and the team scores on average 600 pins per game they feel as though nothing can get in their way.

     So far this season the girls have played NorthsideLindblom, Lincoln Park, Kennedy and Washington . At each match there is 3 games played against the same school;each lasting about an hour or so. For each game won the team is given a point, the most points a school can take home after a match is 4 ; 1 for each of the 3 matches and 1 if their total number of pins for the 3 games is higher than the opponent. The girls have a record of 6:3 which is not too shabby. We are excited to see how far the girls make it and they are hoping to see everyone at their senior night on January 24th! Lets go girls!

Picture of the Girls Bowling at Regionals 2017