Tasty Terik Takes WY Dolphins by Storm


Scott Ai

Some of you don’t watch DubTV. Maybe your division doesn’t have a TV or maybe you need those extra 43 minutes to finish some last-minute homework. Whatever the reason, for those of you that have not seen a single episode of Tasty Terik, it is a segment that features WY Dolphin Terik Priest ‘18 as a master of the culinary arts and one of the finest chefs in the world. During his show, Chef Terik spends most of his time cooking in the Gold House kitchen, an abandoned but spacious place. He hopes that, one day, the Red House cafeteria chefs will see his show and begin to follow his lead, making breakfast and lunch a more enjoyable experience for everyone.


In recent times, Tasty Terik has made significant breakthroughs in the school television space. His show has risen above most DubTV segments in popularity and is incredibly popular among students. Oftentimes, as the producer, director, and editor of the show, I will be asked by my peers in long division whether or not there is a new episode of Tasty Terik. The weeks when we don’t have time to come up with a new episode idea, film multiple takes, and edit/finalize the video, I almost can’t bear to show up in my division. The looks of disappointment in my peers’ faces are just too much to handle. However, let’s not end this article on a negative note. I’ve decided to contact WY Dolphin Terik Priest ‘18, my friend, favorite actor, and culinary master, to get answers to a few questions I know the Whitney Young community has.


Me: “Chef Terik, how do you feel about your show’s sudden explosion in popularity?”


Terik Priest: “I didn’t think anyone would like the show and I thought no one would find it funny. I’m honestly surprised people like this show.”


Me: “Do you think that’s more representative of our humor and film style or the quality of other segments on DubTV?”


Terik Priest: “I thought our humor would be a little different than the average Whitney Young student.”


There you go, folks. That’s Chef Terik’s thoughts on his own show’s popularity within our school. If you have any more questions for Chef Terik, please email them to me at [email protected].

To learn more about Chef Terik’s experience in the culinary arts, definitely check out his autobiographical article “Who is Chef Terik?” here.

If you’re interested in learning how to cook like the man himself, click here to watch episodes of Tasty Terik.