Troye Sivan New Single “MY MY MY!”

Enrique Fuentes, editor

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Troye Sivan started his career as a YouTuber in 2008. He stopped posting consistently in 2015 when his music career started to take off, at which point he switched to TroyeSivanVEVO to post music videos and lyric videos of his music.

Troye Sivan is not only a talented singer and YouTuber, but a dedicated member of the LGBTQ+ community. Troye released a coming out video before his music career started , and since then he has become a relatable outlet for LGBT+ teens. Troye doesn’t change anything in his work to appeal to the heterosexual audience, and instead is true to himself and his viewers by writing love songs about the men in his life. This has been very inspiring for his young, gay audience and makes his music very popular

Troye Sivan, an Australian native, started posting videos on YouTube ten years ago,  but it didn’t get popular until a few years later. Troye also starred in a South African movie series known as Spud starting in 2010. Troye Sivan is a man with many talents, but started focusing on his music career in 2014 with the release of his album TRXYE.

On December 31st Troye Sivan announced on Twitter that he had new music coming up for the new year. No one expected that it would come so soon. “I was expecting something in a few months. I’m pleasantly surprised,” said Dorothy Tarasul ‘19, an avid fan of Troye Sivan since his YouTube days.  

On January 10th, Troye released his new single MY MY MY!  The song has skyrocketed onto the number 1 trending spot with 2.9 million views and counting since its reveal. “It’s such a bop! I love how up beat and passionate it is.” exclaimed Katrin Hasanov ‘18. “I’ve been to two of his concerts in Chicago and both were so amazing, I really think he’s an amazing person and singer.”

If you haven’t listened to it yet, then take some time out of your day and check it out. If you like it Troye has two other albums worth checking out.

Photo cred to Camille Argentar

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Troye Sivan New Single “MY MY MY!”