Tips to destress before break

Enrique Eguiguren, MC Funky Fresh Paint

The time leading up to winter break is difficult for everyone, as teachers scramble to finish their units and students try to figure out how to not fail. That’s why we have a fun list of things you can do to destress over the break, so you’re reinvigorated when the break inevitably ends and we all have to return to Whitney Moore Young Magnet High School.


  1. Go cook a good meal: It’s a life skill. Plus it’ll taste good. Try to make something you want to try but don’t know how to make. It’ll be a rewarding experience probably.
  2. Go for a run: exercise is really good for you. Do it. It might seem like it’s too cold outside to run, but that’s just your inner weakness wanting to see you fail.
  3. Build a miniature replica of the Eiffel Tower: Capture the essence of France’s most recognizable landmark by building it with this actually kinda expensive Lego set. Then, once you’ve built it, build more of Paris. Build it all. Rule the whole city with an iron grip.
  4. Go dog walking: Who doesn’t like dogs? Murderers, that’s who. Go walk some dogs. It’ll make you happier, and dog walking is the perfect cover as you are covertly gathering information on the French Ambassador.
  5. Give birth to a child: The miracle of birth is often considered one of the most meaningful (and painful) experiences one can have. How about you try it? Maybe you’ll appreciate your mother more. Ungrateful kids.