Just please stop ruining these characters

Enrique Eguiguren, Editor


Why. Just why.


There’s this great Australian podcast called the weekly planet that does a lot of pop culture and movie news, and I think their review is the best representation of what this film is. It’s fun, but also it’s garbage, and we deserve better.


Justice League is a movie made by people who are desperate to send up an expanded universe and who, fresh off the unexpected success of Wonder Woman, performed DRASTIC RESHOOTS. Now reshoots are not uncommon in Hollywood, a lot of the time, they can actually help a movie. Justice League’s reshoots ballooned the movie’s budget to an incredible $300 million, not including the all-out marketing campaign they pushed out. For a movie that cost more money than any of us will ever make, ever, it should look better than it does. It has some good CGI, Cyborg looks pretty cool sometimes, but you can tell that they needed more time. It doesn’t help that halfway through, as a result of a family tragedy, director Zack Snyder had to switch out and was replaced by Marvel’s favorite director Joss Whedon. The worst part is that Henry Cavill’s Superman has a horrible CGI face due to mustache related legal troubles, I will not get into that here.


The biggest issue, however, isn’t that this film has horrible CGI, or that it means that another director can no longer take on the (great) Death of Superman storyline. The biggest issue is that no one working on these films gets these characters. And this is an issue throughout every single one of these films (except Wonder Woman), no one understands who these characters are supposed to be. Batman isn’t this murderous hypocrite and Superman isn’t this weird, aloof alien.


There’s a final piece of hope. Without going too in-depth into spoiler territory, DC seems to have a Flashpoint movie in the works, which would let them essentially reboot this universe and hopefully make it better, even though I don’t think it necessarily will. If they can reboot it and completely change their creative team, they can make a good movie. And that’s all I want.