No More No-School-November

Erin Choi

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It’s December 1st. This means many things. Twenty-five days left until Christmas. The start of the holiday season. The end of no- shave November. But most importantly, and sadly, the end of no school November. No school November is a beloved, unofficial tradition students look forward to nearing the end of the first semester. Seniors have just submitted their early applications and relish in a well deserved break, and other students enjoy the break after the hump of the first quarter. No school November consists of Veterans Day (usually), report card pick up, and a hefty break for Thanksgiving. When asking students how they felt about December 1st, they had this to say: Xander Struyk (’19) exclaims, “Mr. Waller was mad at me for whistling Christmas songs in Econ today even though it was December! I just felt like it was my right to whistle these tunes especially it being December and the time for Christmas carols”. Cate Durudogan (’18) recounts, “I’m thankful that it’s December because I was celebrating Christmas the SECOND 93.9 started playing Christmas music and now it’s become socially acceptable being December and all. This December is especially sweet because not only is it the start of the holiday season, but no school November is over which wasn’t even really no school November due to the lack of us having Veterans Day off.” Emotions are mixed on the subject of December 1st, but the one thing almost everyone can agree on is the anticipation of Winter Break.

Students with conflicting emotions about December 1st. Courtesy of Erin Choi (’18)

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No More No-School-November