Who is Chef Terik?

Chef Terik is the star of his own cooking show on DubTV, Tasty Terik. But where did he come from?


Terik Priest

Chef Terik was born in Chicago, IL on February 11, 2000. Before he was even a week old he was in Zhongnanhai cooking for then president of China, Lee Teng-hui. By the age of 8 months, he was invited to the White House for a dinner with President Bill Clinton. The Chef was born for this profession.

Chef Terik has mastered every food imaginable. He has spent years in China, Italy, Japan, Mexico, India, Russia, etc. You name a country, he has been there and he has mastered their favorite foods. He has several students, Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay to name a couple. But Chef Terik tells me, “I’ve learned more from them than I’ve taught them. Those guys are excellent chefs.” What a humble individual.

When he’s not preparing an exquisite meal, he’s out in the field, learning. The Chef usually goes out in public, learning from and critiquing the meals he comes across. “Once, I saw a rare dish consisting of the fried wings of a chicken, possibly raised in a factory, and thinly sliced potatoes, also fried. I believe the dining establishment was called Harold’s Chicken Shack. I’d like to meet this Harold and inquire about his methods of preparing food.”

Hopefully, this brief write-up will give you some insight about the Chef himself. Be sure to tune into DubTV every Wednesday, you never know what will happen on Tasty Terik.