Thankful for Malcolm X

Lajada, Douglas

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 It is officially November and many people across the world are stating what they are thankful for. So this article will be a short summary to Malcolm X who gave and suffered so much for the black community who are thankful for all his efforts.


Malcolm X, not Little, Little was never his true identity, was born in Omaha, Nebraska on May 19th, 1925. As for his skin completion, Malcolm’s grandmother on his mother’s side was raped by a white men, which is why Malcolm’s skin complexion resulted with a slight reddish tinge brown color. He taught himself to despise every drop of white blood in him. His father was named Earl Little, who  was a popular Baptist minister. Earl was a major supporter of the great Black Nationalists leader Marcus Garvey. Malcolm supported his father, but was always felt awry with Earl because he realized he that he was the favored son due to his lighter skin complexion. Therefore, growing up Malcolm would face less physically abusive punishments compared to his other darker siblings. Malcolm did enjoy the fact that he would often be the only child taken to the meetings of his father. During Malcolm’s first 4 years of life, the family had to relocate their home due to death threats of the white supremacy hate organization, the Black Legions. Though still in 1929, regardless of efforts Malcolm’s home was burnt to  the ground in Lansing, Michigan, and the family received no justice. Two years later, Malcolm’s mother, Louise Little, received a phone call about her husband. Earl’s body was nearly severed in half and mutilated on trolley tracks. Locals declared the horror a so called accident, though the Little family knew the Black Legions were responsible. Louise Little was now responsible to provide for eight children completely solo. Throughout the next few years, Louise was constantly harassed by government locals and child care protection people who infiltrated her home and also asked invasive questions towards the children. Malcolm was furious with them, especially once he started observing how his mother mentally change by having hallucinations, talking to herself, and suffered from emotional silence. After a severe mental breakdown, Malcolm and his  siblings were separated into multiple foster care homes and orphanages.


Fast forward a few and Malcolm is on the verge of becoming a very religious man.  Malcolm endured a life altering experience on his pilgrimage to Mecca in 1964. He changed certain views he had upon life. Instead of specifically only preaching to the African-Americans he wanted to preach to other races. “blonde-haired, blued-eyed men I could call my brothers.” Though now around this time in his, the idol was bombarded by several attempts of taking his life, so he needed to be followed by body guards. On Valentine’s day, 1965, Malcolm’s  home was savagely targeted and was firebombed in New York. Though he and his family were able to escape physical injury. However, a week late while giving a speech in Manhattan’s Audubon Ballroom, Malcolm  was shot at close distance by 15 bullets..The assassins were 3 members of the NOI, who definitely weren’t true followers of Islam. A few months later he would never to able to witness the birth of his twin daughters.


We Thank You Malcolm X! May you Rest In Peace.

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