Olisa Ausara-Lasaru

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As we all know, Halloween is coming up next tuesday! Many people are excited about the aspect of getting dressed up in different costumes and going trick or treating with their friends and families, but few people actually know the real history of halloween and how the tradition got started. Back about 2,000 years ago, halloween can be traced back to a holiday called Samhain, which translates to “Summer’s End.”Samhain was originally about the end of the harvest year, and a time to gather resources needed for the upcoming winter season, and bringing the animals back into the pastures. However, Samhain was also thought of to have been a time for communing with the dead. It was believed to be a day where the spirits of the dead would cross over into our world. The holiday of samhain alone wasn’t really enough to form the whole modern day concept of halloween, the spanish holiday of Dia de los muertos, and all saints day being around that time as well helped to mold everything together and shape it into the current commercialized idea of halloween, which is now more focused on costumes and candy than the original roots of honoring the dead.

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