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What is love, and can we really find love at our age?

Moriah Johnson

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It’s Fall, and you know what that means! It’s cuffing season! This phenomenon has been trending on social media, especially Twitter. Fall is the time for watching scary movies, carving pumpkins, and sitting cozied up next to a fire; the general consensus is that those activities are more fulfilling when you do them with a significant other. With many people getting into relationships during this time of year, it begs the question if these relationships are real or only to join the social media hype? I’ve asked a couple of our male Dolphins about defining love.


Opinions: What is love, and can we really find love at our age?


“Love is a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strong and positive experiences. You can find it at any age.” -Javon Freeman ‘18


“I think love is what a lot of people spend a lifetime looking for and it’s hard to find but when you do, it’s like you found happiness. It’s real if that relationship stays consistent throughout the course of high school and beyond.” -Rio Rosario ‘18


“Love to me is where you feel this type of indescribable joy and happiness about a person or thing it’s something that doesn’t go away no matter the circumstances. And yes, we can have it at our age.” -Tyler Bady ‘18


“Love is having that person who is your bestfriend, who you do everything with. That person who knows everything about you, who’s there through thick and thin. Your other half. That’s love. It’s rare to find that at our age, but if you do, you just know. Nobody else is attractive to you; there’s that butterflies feeling you still get when you see them from excitement every single time. You can still feel your emotions for them. You just know.” – Jake Kosakowski ‘18


“Love isn’t a thing. Love is a feeling. When no matter the condition, emotion, or [relationship] status that may be apparent at the moment, you still need to know that your other piece or half is good. Love is what you make it. At our age, we can find love, but there days the name of love is so tarnished, no one knows where or how to look for it.” – Kyle Truevillian ‘18


Whatever your feelings on love and at our age are, or whether or not you are in a relationship, looking for one for cuffing season, just remember that love looks different for everyone.

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What is love, and can we really find love at our age?