Could Whitney Young football be coming to an end? By Edras Montero

The Whitney young Football team has recently been warned by Dr.Kenner that if their number of players doesn’t increase, their season will be cancelled. They currently have enough players by CPS regulations to play a game, but the school and parents of the children are concerned about the few freshmen that are on the varsity team. The team’s most recent game against Taft high school has been cancelled by Dr. Kenner. Our principal has given an opportunity to gain more players before the entire football program at Whitney Young is cancelled. The next game that would be cancelled if the team isn’t able to gain more players would be the homecoming game, a huge tradition among high schools throughout the entire nation.
However, there has been a petition going around Whitney Young for the boys soccer team to take the homecoming game. There are mixed feelings about the boys soccer team attempting to take the game from the football team. The arguments among the boys soccer team is why pay to see a team struggle so much. For a team who currently has a record of 5-4-1 on the season and is 1-1-1 in their division, those are big statements. Some students want to keep the homecoming game a football tradition. Some students don’t like the idea. Manuel Caracamo ‘18 notes, “Homecoming wouldn’t have the same feeling if the game leading up to the dance wasn’t a football game. There is just something about football that makes it the ideal sport. Homecoming would lose a truly unique aspect if the game was changed to another sport”.Homecoming is one of the most important events of senior year and it’s currently in jeopardy of being postponed. The final decision should be made next week by Dr. Kenner on whether or not the football program will be cancelled and homecoming will be eliminated or switched to a soccer match. Stay tuned.