Donate blood, save a life.

Erin Choi

The semi-annual Whitney Young Red Cross Blood Drive is coming up on Friday, September 22nd! Haven’t heard of it? Well, now you have. Want to donate blood? Come on down to Gym C between 10 am and 2 pm on the 22nd (if you are 17+, or 16 with a signed permission slip)! Here are some reasons to donate:


  1. Vampires are a dying species and need an ethical source of human blood to survive. Without donors like you, they would have to resort to cannibalistic measures including tooth to neck contact, which nobody wants.


  1. Be lucky that you even have blood; inanimate objects want to be you! For your body, losing a little bit of blood for a good cause is nothing to sweat.


  1. When you donate blood, you get signed out of class for an hour, and you get free snacks and drinks! Plus a super cool, taped up elbow.


But in all seriousness, just one single donation of blood can help multiple patients who need donors like you to survive. Also, when you donate blood, you get a mini checkup to make sure that big ol’ heart of yours is working well to keep your body up and running. If you’re interested in donating (and please, try and donate!), email Erin Choi ‘18 ([email protected]), Cate Durudogan ‘18 ([email protected]), or Madeline Mortell ‘18 ([email protected]) to register and reserve a time. “All you need to bring is your blood and a positive attitude,”says 2017 Red Cross Club president Violet O’Neill ’17. See you there.

Violet O’ Neill
Photo of last year’s blood drive.