Morning Drop-Off System Can Save You From Being Tardy


Kellianne Bazzell

Most of the Whitney Young students have probably realized that the new attendance policy at the school is pretty strict. If a student comes late to their first period class, their tardy will not be excused and there is a risk of receiving the punishment of detention. More than ever, it is imperative that all cars dropping off students in the morning function correctly and efficiently. Last year, the Whitney Young community was lucky enough to have the support of Mr. Swanson, the security guards, and the students of NHS in organizing a proper drop off system along the side of Jackson Boulevard. The system works by having each car pull up as far as it possibly can before the orange drop-off sign. The line-up of cars should not extend out into the crosswalk because that blocks pedestrians and other cars from passing. Students should be quick when exiting their vehicles and saying goodbye to their fellow passengers. As soon as the student has safely made it onto the sidewalk, the driver of the vehicle should promptly exit the drop off line.


The cones and signs are all lined up outside so there is nothing stopping this system from working but the drop-off people themselves. If all cars cooperate with this system, the traffic on Jackson will not be so bad and students will get to class faster, preventing what could be an unexcused tardy (or even detention) and a lot of the frustration shared amongst the Whitney Young Community. Students, such as Valerie ‘18, won’t be saying, “It sucks because every car is trying to park to drop off their kid while everyone else gets stuck behind not being able to move ahead. I have to go out in the middle of the road and that’s a danger to my safety. Sometimes cars don’t stop to let me cross the street.”


Hopefully, the Whitney Young Community will work together to make this much needed change a reality.