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Club Profile: Eco Club

Shayla Isada

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There are so many interesting clubs at Whitney Young and Club Days at the beginning of the year are a great way for those clubs to get out there a be known while also encouraging people to join. However, Club Days can also be a little chaotic so the “getting out there” idea might not always go as planned. So here’s a profile on one of the many clubs that you might’ve missed so early in the year and maybe get you to join for next year.

What is the name of the Club/Activity?

Eco Club


When, where and how often does it meet?

It meets every Tuesday and Thursday after school in room 320.


How does one join or try out?

It’s open to anyone so whoever wants to join can just show up at the meetings after school


What do you do in such a club?

Well it’s Ecology Club so we pretty much deal with nature/environmental stuff. So the animals in Green House and the plants you see throughout the school are under Eco Club’s care. They also take care of recycling sometimes as well.


Who is the coach or sponsor?

Currently the sponsor is Ms. Goldman, due to the fact that Mr. Katz, who would otherwise head the club, is currently on sabbatical.  


Is there a current leader (President, organizational structure)?

The executive board is currently weirdly structured; there are three “presidents” who all take care of different areas of the club while there are other members who are in charge of more specific things like Animal Caretaker, or Treasurer.


Pictures of the club


Whom to contact if someone wanted more information.

The best person to ask would probably be Mr. Katz as he not only is the club sponsor but is very involved in the club, too.


Approximately how many current members?

Pretty much everyone joins at the beginning of the year for the animals so for the first few meetings, there’s probably 30+ people but eventually people stop coming so, really, there’s maybe around 15 people who come to most of the meetings by the end of the year.


So why should you join Eco Club?

As was mentioned before, Eco Club takes care of the animals and plants so if that interests you, you should definitely join. There’s also a camping trip in the spring that’s super fun so that’s a plus, too!

Eco Club is one of the many clubs of Whitney Young and has an easy atmosphere and is super relaxed. Everyone should know more about this club and think about joining!

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(a couple of animals under Eco Club’s care)

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Club Profile: Eco Club