Urban Outfitters App Review

Cameron Cox

Urban Outfitters is one of this generation’s trendiest stores. It may not be the most cost efficient place but it is definitely the place to go when looking for attire that’ll make you stand out. This store carries brands like Adidas, Champion, VANs, etc. which is what makes it so popular. Consumer, Gabi Saul, says, “I was actually just looking for a Champion hoodie and UO was the only place that carried it.” The store has an app for all Apple devices and Android phones. The app includes many features like shopping, getting exclusive deals, locating different stores, and even listening to music! If you are a true Urban Outfitters fan without this app then you are missing out. With the app, after every purchase you can scan a code personal to your account to get discounts on your next purchases. Avid user, Kara Barclay, exclaims,“This app is super entertaining and fun to use. The variety of features adds to the experience and makes this app one of my favorite shopping apps to use.” The app is also a great marketing tactic on UO’s part because each user can gain points or badges by purchasing specific items from the app. These badges allow the user to become more interactive with the app and after so many points you can earn discount codes for the store. Sophomore, Alicia Bridges, says, “I use this app almost as much as I use instagram. It’s so easy to use!”