5 Reasons Why: One Should Go To School

When someone brings up school in a conversation what is the first thing one thinks about? Kindergarten? Elementary? High school? College? Regardless of the level of education they are all significant in their own way, thus, here are five reasons why one should go to school.

     The first reason why one should go to school is because school helps one find their major. Ever since Kindergarten the teachers asked students what career they would like to pursue when they grow older. When those students transition to elementary and high school they begin to gravitate towards a certain discipline and when they finally make it to college a discipline may be chosen and pursued. But school does not only prepare you for your future major it prepares one for the real world. The stress, time management, and the priority making begins in the classroom. Students are given homework in order to complete before certain deadlines, prioritize specific assignments and activities.

     The third reason why to go to school is because school helps develop networking and social skills. Students are surrounded by students in the classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, and lunchrooms so students have no choice but to socialize and garner friends throughout their educational career; the relationships that are made during school are relationships that will help others get things that would be more difficult if that student had not made those friendships. Moreover, by going to school one will inevitably learn something throughout their years in kindergarten and elementary, especially high school and college, if attended, compared to someone who does not pursue a higher echelon of learning. For example, someone who attends school 5 days a week, 8 hours out of the day for 9 months will retain a significant amount of information compared to someone who does not have education being imparted on them.

     The fifth and final reason why one should go to school is because school helps develop interest for extracurriculars. For example, people who attend school have the capability to participate in after school activities. That student can develop a talent in dance, football, chess, math club, and many other extracurricular activities, thus, showing it is important for one to go to school.

    One will now realize that education is a key tool in life and its successes. School is a method of growth and expansion of character and will continue to have reasons why one should go to school.