Amira Young: The Girl on Fire


Jordan Williams

On May 20, 2017, Amira Young ‘18 won her second first place title in the IHSA Class 3A Girls Track 100m dash. Young says the biggest difference between the two seasons’ competitions was the fact that she did not win two titles this year, but was able to celebrate her victory with more team members, which made up for the shortcoming and eager to bring both home again next year.

Young got her humble beginnings from her father and grandmother, but her grandmother’s beginning wasn’t exactly humble; “My grandmother was able to run with Wilma Rudolph” says Young, and hearing her relatives’ stories inspired Amira to give track a shot.

Young currently serves as a captain on the Girls Track & Field team, leading the team while running five events: the 100 meter dash, the 200 meter dash, the 400 meter dash, the 4×100 relay, and the 4×400 relay. One downside about being on the Whitney Young team is that they “don’t have the opportunity to practice on a track, which gives the teams they compete against a one-up on them”, says Young. However, the support the team and its coaches provide gives them the proper training and confidence to compete, and win, regardless.

Amira hopes to continue her journey next year and end her reign as a three time state champion in the 100m dash, and regain her title as the 200m dash champion. Whatever the outcome next year, with three city championships, two state championship first place titles, and one third place state medal as only a junior, she will be considered one of the school’s best athletes regardless. Good luck to Amira Young, and congratulations on a great season!