Summer Vacation Hot Spots


Jordan Williams

The hugely anticipated Chicago Public School Summer Break 2017 is fast approaching. In a little over six weeks, the drawn out 2016-2017 school year will be over. Most CPS students don’t spend all ten weeks out of the city, so this article provides a short list of some fun things to do while in Chicago.


Sugar Shack

Located at 630 West 26th Street on Chicago’s South Side, Sugar Shack’s wide variety of sweet treats is sure to leave your mouth watering for more. Ranging from hand scooped ice cream to malts, blizzards, sundaes, Italian ice, slushies, cookies, and funnel cakes, almost any treat you can imagine, Sugar Shack has. Lonyae Johnson ‘18 was looking all over the city for a funnel cake as good as Six Flags, made the trip across the city one April evening and “has been going to Sugar Shack for them ever since”. Be sure to bring cash when coming here, because they’re cheap but they don’t take cards!


Navy Pier

From boat rides to plays to interactive Zumba classes, Navy Pier’s spring and summer season events and attractions are sure to entertain any age range. Aja Jones ‘18, an elder sister of one, enjoys bringing her younger brother here to “enjoy Build-A-Bear and ice cream while going through the fun houses with her boyfriend.” These can get a bit pricey however, so be sure to grab more than a pocketful of change from your guardian before you head out to The Pier!


Chatham Theater

The Studio Movie Grill in the heart of Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood, former home to Chance the Rapper, was just remodeled in the past three months, and the renovations are stunning! This new 65,000 square foot building features 14 auditoriums, and an exclusive service where guests can order food and beverages and have them delivered to them during the enjoyment of their movie. Mulbe Dillard ‘17 visited the renovated area this past January with his family to enjoy the movie Almost Christmas and said “the experience was one of a lifetime.”


Museums, Shedd Aquarium, and Alder Planetarium

The chain of Chicago Museums have a plethora of discounted and free days, some that happen to be over Summer Break. The museums have a variety of artwork and artists featured, and you may even run into some cool new pop-up exhibits and celebrities passing through the area. The Aquarium and Planetarium have less frequent free days, but the beauty of nature it displays is definitely worth the money you may spend!


As stated before, this article was a short list of the endless possibilities for travel destinations in Chicago. To check out more look on Google all summer long! Regardless of if you go somewhere on this list or not, you’re in for a treat this summer!