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Top 5 Jay Rehak Quotes

What's happening in 21st Century Multimedia Literacy?

Claire Fridkin, Author, Jay Rehak Fan

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Jay Rehak, iconic teacher of 21st Century Multimedia Literacy

101 students take “21st Century Multimedia Literacy,” or as it is colloquially known, DubTV. Every day, students listen (or don’t) to Mr. Rehak, and these are their top picks of quotes you can expect to hear in the classroom.


  1. Ecoutez, S’il Vous Plaît


This quote is amazing because, although commanding the audience to listen, it simply results in more talking. Perhaps the students in class do not speak French?


  1. J’attends J’attends Il n’est pas bon

This quote is very intriguing because of its ambiguity. French and non-French speakers alike hear a jumbling of words and although they realize Mr. Rehak is probably asking for students to be quiet, they choose to ignore it anyway.


  1. Is That An “iFail”??


An “iFail,” by Rehak’s definition, is a mnemonic device meant to explain what using a phone in class is equivalent to. This quote is simply essential because of its frequency. Although students are frequently pestered with accusations of an iFail, their use in the classroom has become no less frequent.


  1. DOH!

This quote can be heard on my occasions, especially when Mr. Rehak makes a mistake. Likely taken from the iconic “The Simpsons,” this quote is frequent, especially on Wednesdays and when another person says “God” on their segment.  


  1. It’s A Pleasure Honor Personal Thrill to Be Here, I Feel Pretty Darn Good

This quote ultimately signals the beginning of class. As odd as this quote may be, this quote is essential because it begins the class every single day. It is key because it reveals whether Mr. Rehak feels “pretty darn good”, or simply alright.
These quotes are heard frequently, but they characterize the class of DubTV. In conclusion, Mr. Rehak is the backbone of the institution that is Whitney M. Young Magnet High School.


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Top 5 Jay Rehak Quotes