Top 5 Reasons You Should Become a Referee

Credo Duarte

Want to get a job that’s not too hard but is also not boring? As a young person without experience, your options are limited. But most teens would never even consider a much-needed position: referee. Here are the top five reasons why you should become a referee.


  • The pay is excellent: Depending on the sport, you could earn between $25-$45 a game with a basic referee license. If you ref a few games a day, you have enough money to support yourself for the week. Some places may even pay you in cash after each game. No need to declare your taxes.

copyright Sean Locke @ seanlocke

  • Referees are needed: Most games you will officiate will be on the weekends, anytime from 8 AM-5 PM. It is not hard to find games. In fact, coaches and referee assignors are always looking for officials. They will approach you! You just sit tight and wait for a text or email during the week asking you to officiate a game or two. You will never have a shortage of games unless you purposefully turn down those opportunities.


  • It is an easy job: As a beginner, you will most likely officiate young kids. This makes it easy because the game speed is a lot slower, the kids are more honest, and the parents refrain from yelling at you. You are free to officiate as you please.

  • You make the final calls: If parents do end up yelling at you or things start getting a little heated, at the end of the day, you have the authority. You can tell parents or coaches or players to leave if you think they are disrupting the play.


  • You will look fly while on the job: You get to wear some cool referee gear and carry a whistle. Who doesn’t like looking good on the job?

Being a referee is fun, easy, thrilling, and important. Many people overlook this job, but it is very needed in today’s society. You should become a referee to reap its wonderful benefits and help kids have fun!