Get Out! No, seriously…

The best horror movies capitalize on actual fear, because let’s be honest no matter how many aliens abduct a person from a corn field or ghosts haunt a mansion, you’ll likely never be in a situation for that to happen. But when a movie creates a scenario that hones in on the exact paranoia that you experience walking into a room of unfamiliar faces and depicts your worst nightmare, the bejeezus isn’t the only thing scared out of you.

The Box Office number 1, “Get Out” , directed and written by Jordan Peele, does just that in its depiction of our ‘post-racial’ society. Main character Chris Washington accompanies his girlfriend Rose Armitage to her parents’ home over the weekend to meet them for the first time. The troubling part to Chris is that he is Rose’s only ever Black boyfriend and her parents don’t even know that the boy she is bringing home will be Black.

This would be a daunting situation for any young Black male, not knowing how his girlfriend’s parents would react to him, but what makes the situation so peculiar is the people Chris runs into during the weekend. All the Black people at the estate including the Armitage’s two servants, Georgina and Walter, are extremely robotic and unnatural. Chris even encounters a young man who turns out to have worked at a movie theatre he frequented in a similar state as Georgina and Walter. When Chris takes a picture of said young man a warning to get out emphasized by a few expletives breaks his robotic demeanor before he composes and excuses himself.

I don’t want to ruin the movie, so I’ll just say what ensues is not only the worst case scenario for a Black person dating a White person, blown out of proportion and distorted for an even grimmer outcome, but also a beautiful satirical piece on the distrust that the Black community can not seem to get away from when it comes to the White community.

    Besides being number one in the box office this movie has met many feats that other Black films or other films in general haven’t amounted to including receiving an 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes film review website. A simple google engine search of the movie will display how much this movie is critically acclaimed and compared it to “Moonlight” the oscar winning Black film from 2016. So it is without need to say “:Get Out” is certainly a must see if not the must see of 2017 so far.