Hidden Figures Movie Review

Niambi Steele, Ashanti Lumpkin, and

This riveting story uncovered the truth about NASA and African American women’s role in putting a man into space.With stars Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson, and Janelle Monae, going into the movie I knew it would be a classic. The three women, Dorothy Vaughn(Spencer), Katherine Johnson(Henson) and Mary Jackson(Monae), all worked for NASA as computers in the colored wing and were all very gifted in the math and sciences. However they were considered to be the bottom of the food chain there but one day the NASA program was told to move faster with results, so they pulled up Katherine Johnson. She was able to advance and get real results for the space program to help put a man into space. Jackson was inspired to pursue her dream of becoming an engineer, breaking color barriers along the way. The underpaid Vaughn became the first African American Woman to be a supervisor in the space program.

Being a black woman myself this movie truly was inspiring and touched every little girl in the nation. Making them believe they could do anything they put their mind to even when faced with obstacles. Those three women made history and overcame the restraints that white America put in their way setting them up for failure and yet they succeed. The three co stars of this film were brilliant in every way, shape and form. The soundtrack of the movie by Pharrell captured the audience with every emotion, making us shed a tear to having us dance in our seats. I give this move five stars and a rousing standing ovation, Take your kids,cousins, mother, grandmother, the whole family to give everyone a little inspiration in their lives.