Hotspot: Cone Gourmet


Allyson Lin, Features Editor

Cone Gourmet is a family-friendly ice cream parlor located in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, just a five minute drive from WY. This quirky shop is ideal for a drop-in during lunch periods or a hangout after school. It has an old-fashioned, retro vibe and offers a variety of desserts. The interior is beautifully decorated with colorful signs and a comfy lounge area for customers to enjoy their treats in. The shop also features an outdoor patio for those warm summer days. The overall atmosphere is upbeat and pleasant.

The attraction has been featured on the website Zagat’s “8 Best Ice Cream Shops in Chicago” list and is a popular spot in the city. Tourists often stop by for Cone Gourmet’s incredibly photogenic desserts and welcoming ambiance. Although this can cause some fairly long lines, their delicacies are worth the wait. The sweets can also be a bit pricey, ranging from $5-7 for a single scoop of ice cream.

They are well-known for their unique ice cream flavors, such as “Honey Fig and Goat Cheese” and “Netflix and Chill”, a popcorn flavored ice cream topped with M&Ms. Another frozen treat that is well-loved amongst the community is the “Shamrock”, soft serve covered in a childhood favorite, Lucky Charms cereal pieces. A top customer favorite is the “Cookie Monster” ice cream, which is dyed a vibrant blue and sprinkled with cookie dough bits. Be warned however, this tasty treat has the tendency to turn your whole mouth blue! These creative pieces keep regulars coming back for more.

From the vibrant atmosphere, to its’ convenient location, Cone Gourmet stands as a staple for the average WY student. Fulfilling one’s sweet tooth has never been easier. Don’t hesitate to stop by, and bring friends and family along! This is the place to get that perfect Instagram picture-worthy scoop.