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Whitney Young Whisper App

Allyson Lin, Features Editor

All anonymous answers from students of WY

Question: What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you at WY?

“Last year I was trying to break in some brand new flats and while walking up the stairs one of them fell off! The cute guy walking behind me looked down at my shoe and said ‘Cinderella, I think you lost a slipper.’ The cheesiest, most awkward moment I’ve ever had walking on the stairs!”

“Made out in girls bathroom and the ackie cross country team ran in.”

“I lost my journal and was accusing everyone of stealing it.”

“I was hooking up with this guy and fell asleep.”

“I thought I was grabbing my friend’s butt as a joke but it was some random girl.”

“I slipped and fell on the bridge and people just walked around my body.”

“On my first day of school at WY, I accidentally took somebody else’s backpack because I thought it was mine. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t my backpack until he tracked me down and asked me to give him his backpack back.”

“My entire seventh grade year.”

“Freshman year of health, I thought that weed, pot, and marijuana were all different drugs and I said so to the whole class.”

“I walked into the boys bathroom on my first day of freshman year.”

“I sneezed on a teacher my freshman year and never lived it down.”

“Freshman year at homecoming I wore a strapless dress and someone’s hand pulled down my dress. I was exposed for at least 5 seconds.”

“I accidentally farted really loud in the middle of class and blamed it on the kid next to me.”

“I hit a teacher with a soccer ball during practice.”

“Freshman year I had a crush on this guy and threw up on him at a party.”

“I accidentally took someone’s earphones in the locker room and then helped him look for them.”

“I fell asleep in health class and Geiger blew the air horn in my ear.”

“My best friend went out with my boyfriend behind my back.”