Hot Spots around the city of Chicago

Hot Spot is a variety of places to go around Chicago to get your fill of fun, fitness, furry friends and full stomachs!

Pocket Puppies
2479 N Clark
Pocket Puppies is home to the smallest puppies across the city… maybe even the nation. With each puppy placed in its own glass box, it is hard to imagine them being anything more than a spectacle. Nonetheless, these puppies need love too. Come to Pocket Puppies to relax on plush red love seats with a puppy of your choice. The puppy options switch every week but a few staples are teacup Poodles, Maltese, Yorkies, Havanese and Bulldogs. Lilly Holmes of ‘17 says, “Pocket Puppies is great for a short term small puppy fix but I prefer my normal sized Bulldog at home.” So for those like Lilly Holmes who already have a dog but want to deck them out a bit, Pocket Puppies has plenty of dog toys, clothes, bedding and food available. The only thing big about this place is the price!

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Happy Play Cafe
2346 N Clark
Everyone knows living in the city of Chicago is challenging for pet loving families. Pets are often not permitted by buildings, landlords, or simply implausible because of time restrictions with work and school. So if you love animals of all kinds but aren’t lucky enough to have any of your own, Happy Play Cafe is the place for you. The goal of Happy Play Cafe is to enjoy time with pets and see whether visitors are ready to bring a pet home. Happy Play believes in forever homes for animals and but understands that visitors need a stress and pressure free environment to ensure that they are making the right decision. If someone is not ready for the commitment of having a full time pet, Happy Play Cafe is here to help fulfill dreams of animal playtime without actually taking one home. Visitors are welcome to choose whether they want to play in the bird room, which includes over 100 parakeets, or with a bunny, or with the myriad of other animals in one of the other activity rooms. Visitors are welcome to come and play, help take care of the pets, and (hopefully) take one home.

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Title Boxing Club
2417 N Clark
Want the workout secret of models and fitness gurus across the nation? Now you have it! Boxing sneaks in the ample cardio you need before your Thanksgiving feast, without all the complaining that comes with running on a treadmill. And while getting punched and kicked for hours every day sounds like a terrible fate, it’s what Title Boxing Club’s heavy bags were designed for. Students will learn a variety of skills like roundhouse and back kicks during kickboxing classes. Any pent up aggression will be long gone after one go at an exciting, energetic and fun Title Boxing Class.


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Le Pain Quotidien
1000 W Armitage
1562 N Wells
10 E Delaware Pl.
If you’re looking for authentic French cuisine and pastries, Le Pain Quotidien is the spot. Although the name is hard to pronounce, the food is rather simple. Staples like prosciutto and cheese and avocado toast grace the cute but extensive menu of this restaurant. They also serve a full breakfast! Le Pain Quotidien is also great because it is adaptable for any occasion. If you’re looking to grab a quick bite before school in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, Sydney Schwartz of ‘17 can vouch that “their chocolate croissants are to die for.” It is also great if you’re looking for a low-effort and low-expense date place, somewhere to get peace and quiet to do homework, or if you’re just looking for an excellent Chai Tea Latte or coffee option. Le Pain Quotidien has something for everyone.

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Sweetgreen is your new hot spot for delicious and organic salad and fresh-squeezed juices. Sweetgreen originated in 2007 in Washington D.C. but is now debuting 40 locations in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania and now, Chicago. Located on State Street, Sweetgreen is great food with a great concept. Gabi Saul of ‘17 says, “Sweetgreen is great for students on a budget, trying to eat healthy, and keep their taste buds happy.” The three creators, that are now graduates from Georgetown University, created the idea for Sweetgreen in their dorm room. It was created with the intention of supporting local farmers and healthy consumers. The idea was born due to the lack of healthy but yummy food options on and around campus. Now, all of their ingredients are freshly delivered each morning from one or more local and organic farmers of their choice. The young men who started the booming company pride themselves on meeting their local farmers before meeting their landlords… That is the Sweetgreen promise.


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