Club Highlight: Freshmen Mentors


The Freshmen mentors’ club was created in order to make new freshmen at Whitney Young feel like they belong. They are new to the school, therefore they are engaging in a new environment and it’s always great to know you have someone with experience, a senior or junior, to fall back on and ask questions. The seniors and juniors participate because not only do they want to be involved in the school, but because they want these new students to feel apart of the Whitney Young family. In example “I think it’s great to be able to help out of new freshmen to get adjusted and comfortable with our school, their new school, and to start there WY career off right”, a quote from Penn Koeneman ‘18, explains that helping to calm the new, anxious freshmen is a good idea.

This club is the foundation that many of the people that participate use in order to go about their next 4 years in this new school environment. Ricardo Tovar ‘17 said, “Being a freshmen mentor is a good experience because I was once a lost freshmen (that didn’t know how to get around the maze). It feels great to help people, the freshmen are the future of WY and should be treated like that.” Although, this club seems to go unnoticed it is very essential to many freshman who have never been in such a big school like this. It can also be overwhelming to attend a school with so many clubs, sports, and activities, but the club has helped freshmen, like Esme McCarthy ‘20, who said “It’s great to know I have some older friends in the school that I can rely on for help.” Furthermore, proving that not only are the members supposed to be a mentor, but they hold such a close bond that they actually become your friend.

Ricardo Tovar Mentor
Esme McCarthy Mentee