Prep for no school November: Netflix Reviews



For the seasoned and die-hard Narcos fan who watched season 1 last year as fast as they could.  The anticipation for season 2 was rampant as they finally announced it would be released right before the school year started. However, once viewers began season 2, many realized it could never reach the potential of season 1. With Pablo Escobar in hiding, he was lacking the power and godliness that he possessed in season 1. Similar to Orange is the New Black, part of the shows allure was the illegality and gore and though season 2 definitely wasn’t lacking in gore as Pablo had his men killing all over town, it was definitely lacking in the movement of Pablo’s ‘business.’ Season 2 places more of an emphasis on the lives of the American DEA guys that are on Pablo’s case. Although the two men are interesting, their lives are not nearly as interesting as that of Pablo Escobar’s. There is also the looming cloud over season 2 about Pablo being caught and being torn away from his family. Any watcher can see the depression that begins to form in Pablo as he is forced to remain in hiding. Without Pablo’s normal confidence and optimism, the show became somewhat dull for me.
Graham Mauer- “This show was so exciting the whole time,  I couldn’t put down the remote!


Gilmore Girls


Gilmore Girls is incredibly cheesy but also incredibly adorable.  Viewers are hooked on the playful relationship the main character Rory has with her single mother Lorelai (who had Rory when she was only 16). Rory is about to transfer to an elite private high school to live out her mother’s dream of getting an education that will guarantee her a spot at Harvard. However, Rory is hesitant to go considering there’s a cute new guy at school named Dean who just moved from Chicago. Although she ends up going, Dean’s advances continue.

Nicholas Mititelu- This show changed my life, I just wish there were more seasons.


New Girl


New Girl is the most adorable show. Jess and her three guy roommates make for a hilarious although unrealistic situation. Nevertheless, viewers of the show are enthralled in Jess’s weirdness and it frankly makes everyone want to be a little weirder themselves. The show begins with Jess going through a hard breakup but eventually, with her roommates help, getting over it and shining brighter than ever. The show is also simple enough that you don’t need to start from the beginning which is nice for the netflix binge watchers who are too impatient to sit through seasons and seasons of shows waiting to get to the best part. The only complaint about New Girl is that the concept is extremely repetitive which some viewers dislike. There is Schmidt, the roommate who is obsessed with every girl he sees and constantly torments Jess for not giving off enough ‘hot chick’ vibes like her model friend Cece. There is Nick who is secretly loved by and in love with Jess. There is the personal trainer who is really so inconsequential he need not be named.

Elie A- I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.


Orange Is The New Black


Similar to Narcos, Orange is the New Black’s season 2 was a let down compared to season 1. Part of what makes this show so good is the illegality of it, the forbidden love and gore of prison life. After downing season 1, the fans are desensitized to these values that originally made OITNB so shocking. We now require more to experience the same sensation it originally gave us. With season 2 beginning with a killing and a prison escape viewers believe they were in for a season full of exciting stuff. But then the storyline slows down without the Alex and Chapman dynamic around to stir things up and the prisoners being on extreme lockdown. The overpopulation and new prison girl gang coming in is a little cheesy and played out and immediately made viewers stop watching.

Grace Chen- Navy should be the new black, it was boring.