End the Year with the ‘Spectrum’ Show


Designed by Alexa Soto '18

April Gonzales, Creative Director

With WY music programs and clubs completing the school year off with shows and performances, there is one more club that will have a show. On June 8th, the WY Harmonyx will have a show in the theater. The show will be from 4:30- 6.

Harmonyx is a singing group who perform songs and have fun. “We are a singing performance group who have fun and put together a winter and spring show to perform for the students,” says club president, Jourdon Simmons ‘17. Harmonyx put together a small show during the first semester and performed three songs.

This spring’s show will have a theme and will be longer. “The theme is Spectrum, which is based on the overall presence of colors in our songs. This show will also showcase the ‘spectrum’ of genres we have chosen, as well as the range of voices in the club,” added Mia Smith ‘18. Mia is the vice president of Harmonyx.

There will be a variety of songs that will be performed the day of the show. Songs will vary from Indie Pop songs to mashups. “For the show, we will be singing songs ranging in style and artist, from songs by Janet Jackson to Twenty One Pilots to Marina and the Diamonds,” Mia says. “The show will be very unique in that way, and that’s a thing you don’t see often.”

Harmonyx has been working on their songs for the whole school year. Some students have been practicing solos and duets. Aside from those, there are also big and small group songs. Club members got together one day and worked to figure which songs they wanted to perform. They narrowed it to a certain amount of songs and practiced them all year.

This is their second show performed in the WY Theater. Before that, they resorted to performing in Blue House. They now perform their winter shows in Blue House and considering each year the group gets larger, they needed space to perform with everyone and to everyone. Harmonyx has worked very hard to get this show working. The show is free and fun for all ages, so anyone and everyone is welcome to see the Harmonyx Spectrum Show.