The End of the 2015-2016 Year Brings Changes for the Fall

April Gonzales, Creative Director

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As the 2015-2016 school year comes to a close, students and staff are preparing for  finals, senior graduation, and summer break. Principal Joyce Kenner, on the other hand, is continuing her hard work and planning for a spectacular 2016-2017 school year.

This year, WY implemented new bell schedules that staff and students alike were not familiar with. Mondays and Fridays have included division and a dismissal time of 3:20. TuesdayS and Thursdays included no division and dismissal time of 3:15; the Wednesday schedule has stayed the same as previous years. Kenner has announced that the same schedule will be used for next year.

“I’m going to advocate the same schedule for next year, I believe, for the most part, that students and staff members are happy with it,” she said. “There are some additional considerations. There is a committee that is looking into a sort of hybrid block schedule for the following year, and so we’re going to  look into all of that and make the best decision we can for our students.”

It is evident that Kenner is always looking out for her students. Recently, CPS made an announcement that transgender students can use the gender bathroom of their preference. Following discussions regarding gender-neutral bathrooms for non-binary students, WY administration responded with the following, “It is the law that every student who identifies with a particular sex has the right to use that bathroom, and with students who don’t feel comfortable using those bathrooms, here at WY, we have a transgender bathroom by the nurse’s office.”

Sports teams are also an important focus for members of the WY community. Kenner adds that she and other staff members have been coming up with ideas and blueprints for renovating the fields outside the school. The hope is to adorn the field(s) with the WY logo.

Additionally, CPS also made note that next year, WY will have to have a 300 minute final exam day. “I want students to have finals as if they’re in college where they can take their exams and go do whatever they want, but if we don’t do what they want, the staff won’t get any payment,” Kenner stated. Kenner prefers the original bell schedule, however, she must take into consideration what’s best for everyone.

Along with the school year coming to a close, the last of the school sports are coming to an end as well. Kenner is looking forward to next year and is dreaming big for the athletes, “I want to see ten pep rallies next year!” Kenner said.

Kenner is deeply loved for her full-hearted belief that students at WY should be free to be who they are and comfortable expressing themselves.. She will continue to work  hard to make sure everyone is noticed for what they do. The WY cheerleaders, band, choir, et cetera, all get to show their talents through pep rallies and shows. “It’s difficult to recognize everyone, because we all achieve greatness here.”

Although there are to be changes next year, there are some people who won’t be impacted. Four-hundred and ninety five seniors are leaving as well as six eighth graders departing.  Kenner says goodbye to them with these words: “I don’t want them to go, but what I want them to know, is that when they’re rich and famous, I want them to remember WY as their home. Keep being who you are and good luck!”

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