Taking high school relationships to college isn’t the best idea

Dillon Jacobson, Sports Editor

As we are closing in on the end of the year, there are many important decisions students, and mainly seniors, will have to make. Many seniors are figuring out who they are going to room with at college next year or what classes they are going to take their first semester, but one of the harder choices some seniors have to make is whether not to continue a relationship with a significant other that won’t be going to college next year. Several couples may try to ‘make it work’ and continue dating past high school. However, long distance relationships are hard and often stressful. Keeping in touch with busy schedules and not being able to see each other can cause a strong relationship to quickly crack under the pressure of having to work to stay together. College is just as, if not even more, formative as high school and it is very likely that whoever went off to college will change and come back a very different person. Unfortunately, this may cause people to grow apart and can lead to a messy breakup. Why not spend the summer together happily and have an understanding that you are going to go your own ways for the next year? This way you can have a clean break up and remain friends. Being away from your significant other can also cause for messy situations when you are surrounded by plenty of single people that are in the same school and situation that you are in with school. Staying together for high school and college students is not impossible, but it is difficult and you don’t want to ruin a good relationship that you could potentially keep. Either way, make sure you talk to your significant other about what you think is best for your relationship before and that will keep the pressure off for the next year.