Graduation playlist

Tatiana Rodriguez, Arts & Trends Editor

Seniors, it’s time to leave. You might be sad that you’re leaving the wonderful institution that is Whitney M. Young Magnet High School. But don’t tweak, you’re excited to get out and see what the future holds for you. Here’s a playlist full of songs that’ll make you almost wanna get kicked out of graduation for dabbing across the stage.


Knuck If You Buck by Crime Mob

Rap/scream these lyrics to the teacher who’s been playing with your GPA on the last day of school to see if they’re really buck. Extra points if you rap the verses and not just the chorus.


Faneto by Chief Keef

Self-explanatory. We gone!


I Think I Love Her by Gucci Mane

Re-live that amazing senior bonding moment during luncheon. Learn Susie’s part (at least) and don’t be that person watching us get t’d over the railings.


Want More by OG Maco

These teachers keep trying to hold you back from graduating but you shall overcome. If you can survive the ACT, the nonsense from our senior boys, and overconfident underclassmen, you can make it through this.


15th and the 1st by Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame ft. YG Hootie

I needed to throw in a song that the white boys actually know the words to.


Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number by Aaliyah

Being a legal adult doesn’t mean anything to CPS. I’m 18…I wanna sign myself out.


30 Hours by Kanye West

This is how many service learning hours y’all STILL need.


Angels by Chance the Rapper ft. Saba

You’re about to be in Chicago during the summertime. Enjoy it, angel.


Back Up by Dej Loaf ft. Big Sean

This is what you have to play when Becky from your freshman year biology class tries to write how much she loves you in your yearbook. We never spoke? Girl, bye.


Bussin Juggs by Gucci Mane

For those who didn’t get any money from FAFSA and will begin to pursue a more unique career that focuses on understanding the pleasures of being your own boss.


In Love With the Gwop by Chief Keef

The only reason as to why you graduated.


It’s Tricky by Run- D.M.C

How’re those grades looking? What’re your plans after high school?


Count Up by Speaker Knockerz

An inspirational song for all of you extra smart people that got clowned on for the last 4-6 years at WY.


Everything’s Good by Chance the Rapper