Twin Peaks: “Down in Heaven” album review

Twin Peaks: Down in Heaven album review

Claire Bentley, Editor-in-chief

The Chicago rock band released their third album on Friday, following a show at Lincoln Hall with White Reaper and the Funs, and a free in-store performance and signing at Reckless Records in Wicker Park on Saturday.

The five-member band includes vocalist/guitarist Cadien Lake-James, vocalist/guitarist Clay Frankel, drummer Connor Brodner, bassist Jack Dolan, and keyboardist Colin Croom. The dudes gives off easy-going vibes, lyrics that tell the stories of lost love, lots of beer, and being young and stupid. But what makes Twin Peaks any different from the countless other rock bands in Chicago?

“Down in Heaven” strays away from their previous albums, where first EP “Sunken” was a mash of rowdy, garage-produced songs, and second EP, “Wild Onion” which gave off a solid mix of dreamy instrumentals, slick guitar riffs, and upbeat jams. The songs off “Down in Heaven” are rustic, laid-back and still reflect the overall reality of 20-year-olds making music about life.

Top 3 songs off of “Down in Heaven”

1. Butterfly

2. Heavenly Showers

3. Walk to the One You Love

If you’re going to listen to “Down in Heaven,” do it driving down an empty road or when you’re sitting in the sunshine on a good day. But wherever you are, or whatever you’re doing, Twin Peaks reminds us that things can be okay and that we can keep on having a good time.


“Down in Heaven” is both available on iTunes and Spotify, as well as their website