Hotspot: The Dumpster

Emma Purcell, Staff Reporter

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With a limited number of restaurants within walking distance, a WY student’s lunch period can become rather mundane. Those without cars can get into a rut of eating only at Subway, Dunkin Donuts, and Ella’s. If you ever get sick of a caramel iced coffee or chicken tenders, the Beacon has a new lunch hotspot to spice up your week!

The Dumpster, located 236 1/2 S. Laflin.  is the ideal place to grab a bite in the city and represents true urban dining. Many students often walk by this place and not even think to stop, but it’s definitely worth it. The interior of the restaurant is very visually appealing, with sleek metal walls and peeling paint. The restaurant is on the smaller side and only seats 14, so it isn’t the best place for larger groups, but it is the ideal place to stop by during your lunch period. It’s a very short walk from WY and open during all lunch periods.

The Dumpster represents a new trend of restaurants that are environmentally sustainable. All of their food is upcycled from nearby restaurants, giving you a multitude of options. Leave with a full stomach and a low carbon footprint! We highly recommend the Dolphin special, a  half-eaten chicken breast and french bread with the green fuzzy spread on top.

With many locations city-wide, you aren’t limited to visiting only during school hours. Just be sure to visit before Tuesday, when garbage pickup is, to get the best selection.

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