FOWY spends fundraising $$$ on prison bars for Academic Building


Lydia Niles-Steger, Staff Reporter

The Friends of Whitney Young have done it again! Due to the increase in the student population’s unexcused absences, the fundraising organization has taken action: prison bars will be installed on all doors of Whitney Young’s Academic Building. A total of 150 tons, 136,077.75 kilograms, of titanium alloy will be placed over every single door; the metal bars will be raised during passing periods, except for the doors 1,2,3, and 4 which will be raised from 4am-8pm and from 3:15pm till 8pm. Some have questioned whether the $55,000 installment is worth the students’ attendance, but Dr. Kenner has publicly supported the organization’s Board of Directors on this decision: Kenner said, “It is important to not think of the metal bars as officially making WY a prison, but more as a learning tool to help the students reach their full potential.”


However, the student body of WY has various opinions on the matter. Joey Parker ‘16 says, “If this means I can’t take my daily bathroom breaks in my Stats class, I don’t know if I like the update.” On a more positive note, Emily Izenman ‘16 said, “This is a great opportunity for students who actually want to learn, like me. I love learning. I don’t do anything except go to boxing classes and study for Ms. El-Amin’s tests.” There are some pretty polarizing views on the changes to come – however whether they will affect Kenner’s decision to support the update is unlikely.
A few more of the upsides include: you won’t see any of your friends ditching class so no more FOMO, no more worrying about Ms. Brown or Fanning coming after you, and there are not any other upsides. So have fun holding your bladder, having perfect attendance, and spending even more time with your teachers and classmates!